Parkour is not a competition...except every once in a while when we put on a supermegamazing obstacle course!  On Saturday, August 31st starting at 5pm, your little ninja has a chance to participate in the second ever Junior Ninja Warrior Night! The last time we did this was a sold out event with a packed house (over 100 participants and 150 spectators!)  Your son or daughter (Age 6-14) will show us their best parkour skills when dodging and vaulting across obstacles inspired by television shows like "Sasuke" and "American Ninja Warrior," as well as whatever other crazy ideas we could come up with! Among the top prizes will be a (wooden) extremely (not) deadly sword (not) capable of cutting through all enemies/shrubbery/whatever.

If you didn't do as well on the course as you hoped, don't worry! We'll be holding REDEMPTION DAY on the next day on Sunday, September 1st, from 10am to 12pm. Coaches will be on hand to help you with the trickiest bits of the course. There's no additional fee; it's included in your registration!

Urban Evolution Alexandria

5505 Cherokee Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22312

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Urban Evolution Alexandria
5505 Cherokee Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22312, United States
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